Download The Winds of Winter Pdf/EPUB: Review and Plot Summary

The Winds of Winter Pdf/EPUB: Review and Plot Summary:

The Winds of Winter is not just a book but something which is keeping people’s hearts at a great pace. Well, why wouldn’t it? This is the forthcoming book in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Series. The book is not released yet but we are expecting it sooner. If you want to read it, get The Winds of Winter Pdf as soon as it gets released on our site.

The Winds of Winter Pdf

The Winds of Winter Release Date:

Well, the readers and fans of this series have been asking this one question a lot. It was in 2011 when they got the last book the series. There are two more books yet to hit the series. People are just in great suspense whether how good or bad the end of the story will be.

As for The Winds of Winter Release date, we are not expecting this before 2018 now. According to our sources when the writer was asked this question last year, he hinted towards 2017. We are not seeing the chances for that but we are quite certain that the Winds of Winter Release Date will finally be in 2018.

The Winds of Winter Review:

The Winds of Winter will let the readers explore more North than they have in the previous books. Martin said in one of the festivals that the characters are now in dark places and things are not getting better any time soon. In his previous book, he could not cover the important plots that he wanted to. So, he would be starting this new book by resolving those plots.

The readers can expect two battles. The first one will be the Battle of Mereen where we will see the battle at Slaver’s Bay. Quite interestingly, there will also be a battle in ice. This means the author is finally going to reveal the Others to his readers. You will get to know about the threats that are targeting Westeros and how each character is equipped to deal with it individually. The Starks will play some major role in this book and so will the Greyjoys. At the same time, Tyrion Lannister will be seen as the Mother of Dragons’ counsel. This sure is one interesting book.

In 2012, Martin said that he already has chapters for this new book so it will possibly be released in 2014. However, this deadline was not met much to the frustration of readers who were looking forward to it. Then, in 2015, he said that he would be able to finish the book in a few months. It made the readers hopeful that the book might be released at the end of the year. That date also passed and the author then said that he was hoping to release the book in the spring of 2016.

Like the previous deadlines, this was also not met. If he had released the book then, his writings would have been ahead of the Tv series. However, he did not even release the book in 2017 even though he kept saying that he hoped to keep his book ahead of the TV show. It is 2018 now but Martin still says that the book will not be released before 2019 so readers to have to wait for a while.

An interview with Martin was posted in a Chinese magazine. It was accompanied by his photo on the front page where he was wearing a crown. Many readers did not pay much attention to that since the content was in Chinese. However, Martin gave away some hint in this interview. In the Tv series, Catelyn Stark is dead as she was killed in the Red Wedding. However, Martin said that in the book, he is resurrecting her as the undead.

She is now Lady Stoneheart and just like her name, she is a vengeful lady. She is a heartless killer in this avatar and she will probably be out there wanting revenge for her children. Martin said that the characters in a book can be resurrected as the Undead. So, he is using that to his advantage and bringing back Lady Stark of Winterfell to wreak havoc in the region.

The Winds of Winter Plot:

Before its release, we cannot say anything certain about how the plot is going to be. There are a lot of fan theories out there. The readers are still stuck in the story from A Dance with Dragons which is the fifth book in the series. We will update this section of the article as soon as the book will be released. Till then, stay tuned to our site.

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