Download The World of Ice and Fire Pdf/EPUB: Review & Plot Summary

Download The World of Ice and Fire Pdf/EPUB: Review & Plot Summary:

Being A Song of Ice and Fire and A Game of Thrones fan, you must have wondered about the history of this masterpiece by George R. R. Martin. If that is true then The World of Ice and Fire is something which you need. It is a history book which covers the events before the ones in the main book series. If you want to download The World of Ice and Fire Pdf, find a free link for that at the end.

The book is written from the perspective of a Maester who is living in Westeros. It contains information about the ancient families and the family trees. Along with that, it has maps of the world and artwork from the ancient times. The authors who have collaborated with Martin on the project are the only people who knew the world as well as he does.

The World of Ice and Fire Pdf

This book is written by three authors including George R. R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia, and Linda Antonsson. If you keep wondering about the events such as the Robert’s Rebellion, Aegon’s Conquest, and other events before the main story, it is time to get it. If you want some other soft format, you can also get The World of Ice and Fire EPUB from our site.

The World of Ice and Fire Review.

Nothing is more mysterious than George R. R. Martin world. Besides the main storyline, there are thousands of stories which are revolving around and you never know which one to catch. Also, each event in the main story has a story behind. The World of Ice and Fire is a brilliant step. It has illustrations from 27 illustrators including Thomas Denmark, Jennifer Drummond, Philip Straub, Justin Sweet, Chase Stone and many more. Along with being a written account, the book is also a visual adventure for the readers.

This project was undertaken in 2008 by the three authors and there are a total of 326 pages. The book contains a brief history of all the main events which are in the history of A Song of Ice and Fire. There are events such as the birth of the first men, children of the forest, the creation of the Night King, Aegon’s conquest, and Robert’s Rebellion.

The author wanted to make his readers familiar with the origin of his fictional world. He said that he wants to create another extensive book about the Targaryens. His plan is to name the book Fire and Blood. The title is quite apt because fire is associated with the Targaryens. His plan is to write in detail about the reign of every kind of the dragon family.

In this book, the whole knowledge of Westeros is collected. There are also some very interesting speculations and the folk tales from ancient times. These folktales are told from the viewpoint of maesters and septons. The maegi of Westeros also tell their stories in the book for the reader to have a better understanding of this fictional land. Then, there are singers who tell their tales in form of songs and shed some light on the culture of this mystic land.

These stories are from the Dawn Age when Westeros came into being to the time of Heroes. This period, called the Age of Heroes is when Westeros was developed. Then, there are stories of the First Men who came to the region. Of course, the book would be incomplete without the mention of Aegon the Conqueror. Everything is explained in the book. The time of Aegon’s rule is mentioned as so is his service to the Iron Throne.

Robert is also in the book and the story of how he rebelled against the King will also interest many readers. The actual book starts with a world where different Houses are struggling for power and conspiring against each other. This background history book highlights the fall of Mad King and how the struggle for power started after his death. If you have read the first two or three volumes and you feel like some of the pieces are not fitting well together, this book will help you make sense of everything and put together the pieces.

The cherry on the top is that this book is beautifully illustrated. If the TV series has not fed your imagination already, this history book surely will with its beautiful portrayal or Westeros and its ancient buildings.

The World of Ice and Fire Map:

If you want to know how this massive world looks like, see the following the world of ice and fire map:

The World of Ice and Fire Map

Download The World of Ice and Fire EPUB Free:

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Download The World of Ice and Fire Pdf Free:

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