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If you are already caught up with A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings, it is time to move on. The third book in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire is A Storm of Swords. Today, we are going to review and talk about this book in detail. You can also download A Storm of Swords Pdf at the end of the article.

You are already in the third novel and feel like reaching an end, you are not right. George has planned a total of seven books in A Song of Ice and Fire book series. A Storm of Swords got published in 2000 worldwide. Being the longest novel in the series when it got published and has been among the highest rated as well.

On our site, you can download its free Pdf and A Storm of Swords EPUB as well. So let us begin with its further review.

About the Author.

George R. R. Martin is an American author and novelist known for his epic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. Martin has released five books till now and there are more books coming ahead. The predicted title for the book six is The Winds of Winters.

A Storm of Swords Plot Summary.

Since we know about the War of the Five Kings from the previous book, we are good to move ahead. Jaime Lannister gets caught during one of the battles by Robb Stark. Catelyn Stark’s got an idea and she decides to exchange Jaime for her daughters being held at King Landing. She is unaware of the fact that Arya Stark has already left the capital.

Jaime is being sent to King’s Landing with Brienne of Tarth as the guard. She swears an oath for safely bringing back the Stark girls back home. On the other hand, Robb Stark falls in love with Talisa Stark breaking her word which he gave to Walder Frey for marrying one of his daughters. While at Riverrun, Catelyn Stark releaser Jamie on the condition that he will send back her daughters which she believes are being held captives by the Lannisters.

This is partly true as Sansa is at Kings Landings but even Jamie is not aware yet that Arya is not there. Brienne of Tarth is alongside Jamie as she has sworn to Catelyn that she will protect the Stark girls and escort Jamie to the south. Since Catelyn has made this decision without asking the King and her son, Rob Stark, she is imprisoned for this.

Rob’s army is victorious in the battle against Tywin Lannister at Westerlands. He returns back to Riverrun and tells everyone that he has married Jeyene Westerling. This invalidates the promise he has made to Lord Frey in exchange for their passage through the towers. Rob would have to pay for this later as Lord Frey literally kills every Stark present at the Red Wedding. Jamie’s release angers a lot of people including Rickard Karstark who is an ally of Starks.

Jamie had killed his two sons, Torrhen and Eddard Stark in a battle and he is infuriated about that. In an attempt to take revenge, Lord Rickard kills two Lannister captives that are very young. Rob is worried that Lannisters might start to execute Stark prisoners and he also needs to atone for the death of young prisoners. So, he beheads Lord Rickard and as a result of that, he loses the alliance of House Karstark.

When Rob’s army reaches the towers controlled by Lord Frey, the Twine, he makes a new deal with Lord Frey. Instead of Rob, Edmure will marry Roslin Frey and the wedding will take place at the Twins. The wedding starts fine but in the middle of the event, the Boltons and Starks turn on the Starks and kill Rob’s whole force. Lady Catelyn Stark is also killed and so is Rob. Raymund Frey kills her by slitting her throat and throws her body in a river.

The Northern lords of high Houses are either help captives or are killed. Edmund consummates his marriage but is later held as captive too. Arya sees all these events as she arrives the Twins with the Hound. She escapes from the towers for her safety but she sees her family dying and later comes back to take revenge for her brother and mother.

It is later revealed that the Boltons withheld their army as they already had a deal with the Lannisters. As a reward of this treason to Starks, the Lannisters name House Bolton the great Northern house. Also, Lord Bolton’s illegitimate son, Ramsay is also legitimized and is named the Lord of Winterfell.

At the frey tower, during the time of the red wedding and on the orders of Tywin Lannister, Walder Frey Robb Stark, his wife, mother, and rest of the northern soldiers who have been there. Arya, who had just reached the place with the hound, has to flee because of the situation there.

In the King’s Landing, Tyrion is forced to marry Sansa Stark without their consent. Tyrion however, treats Sansa nice and does not impose himself on her. In the Eastern Lands, Danny gets stronger and stronger every day. Her dragons are growing bigger and bigger each day and also her armies. She now has second sons and the unsullied in her huge army.

There is a lot of stuff going around and we don’t want to spoil all that. Get your free A Storm of Swords e-book our site and get going.

A Storm of Swords Review.

George R. R. Martin’s fame is well-earned. As the story keeps growing, the books get interesting and interesting. Also, this is not a story where you are served with the poetic justice every time and even the good ones must suffer the fate of death. This book also kills off some of the favorite characters and people who thought that Rob would take over Kings Landing now have to get new theories. Arya is again saved and that shows that she has a role to play in the future events.

Bloodshed has taken over Westeros and the danger from behind the Wall is also looming over the kingdom. These are things, this realistic stuff in the story which makes Martin amazing with these novels. A Storm of Swords won different awards such as Nebula Award and Geffen Award for the best novel in 2001. The book holds a rating of 4.5 on the Good Reads which speaks for its awesomeness.

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