A Song for Lya Pdf Free Download

A Song for Lya is a collection of short stories written by George R. R. Martin. It is one of George’s early work and is also one of the finest. If you want to start reading this book right now, download the free A Song for Lya Pdf right now from our website.

A Song for Lya Pdf Free Download

About the Author:

George R. R. Martin, the author of this book collection is an American author who is mainly famous for his epic fantasy book series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

A Song of Lya Review:

George Martin’s brainchild “A Song for Lya” takes imagination to another level. It somehow questions the reality of love probing, if love can exist without people being in touch. Two lovers with Special powers make their way to the planet called shkeen where lives are being absorbed by a giant parasite on their own will.  These two lovers are sent on Shkeen to know the root cause of the self-sacrifice known as the cult of the union.

The couple reserves special powers, Robb holds the ability to understand emotions and Lya has the ability to perceive the factuality of feelings. The two telepaths after spending some time on the planet are able to reach a conclusion.  Rob realizes that no one holds any kind of suicidal emotions making it clear that the reason behind the union is something else  Lya, on the other hand, herself gets attracted to the act of union and forgets the reason that made them navigate the planet of shkeen.

The fiction is an amalgamation of fantasy and sadness it explores imagination and at the same time has an element of sadness as well, the strong deep emotional dialogues are the cream on the cake, they make you feel the pain that Martin actually wanted his readers to feel while they read the book.

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