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The Pear-Shaped Man is a book written by George R. R. Martin. If you want to download this book, get The Pear-Shaped Man Pdf free from our website.

The Pear-Shaped Man Review:

The suspense-horror short story holds a strong flair for leaving its readers sleepless for nights. It orbits a queer, pear-shaped man living in an odd manner,  but anomaly lies not in the mold or apparel of the man but in his sweet devilish smile and ability of exasperatingly haunting the brain. This whimsical man is only known by the outline of his body and has no name  he’s a solo harmless man living in a dull basement of abuilding and gaining nutritious benefit of only cheese doodles and coke, he soon welcomes  a lady named Jessie in his edifice and like a nice neighbour asks her to visit his abode, but negative vibes radiating from this stranger impels Jessie to shun him with all energy present in her body.

The encounters between the two main characters are harmless but something about him makes Jessie uneasy, soon this man turns into her biggest fear, but with a heap of courage she finally decides to face her fear and meets her fate at the end.

curiosity regarding everting that deviates from the path of normal is one thing that humans have in blood.  This eagerness turns into obsession and when there is no point of return it becomes fear, this is what happened to Jessie She was curious about the pear-shaped man from the very beginning and soon got obsessed to an extent that even her friends alleged that she herself was behind the odd incidents taking place in her life. The initiation of the story builds interests, however, it loses its charm in middle and leaves a disturbing creepy end that will surely leave you restless.

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