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Besides the original series of A Song of Ice and Fire, the author George R. R. Martin has written a collection of Novella as well. One of the Novella series which is written by the author is the Dunk and Egg. Recently, the publishers released a collection of the first three Novella from this series which is named A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. You can download the free A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Pdf at the end of this article.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Now just the Pdf format, but we will also be providing you other e-book formats for the book. Before we do that, let us tell you the plot summary and review these books.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Plot:

The first Novella, The Hedge Knight, is the story of a young squire named Dunk who has just buried his master who was a knight. The knight was named Ser Arlan of Pennytree. He takes his master’s sword, armor, and the three horses and travels to an Inn. After eating and drinking at the Inn, he is pursued by a young boy. Impressed by this young boy, Dunk takes him as his squire and the story is continued.

In the second Novella, The Sworn Sword, the recorded events are about one and a half year after the story of The Hedge Knight. Dunk and his squire are traveling to an unknown destination where a storm befalls them. Dunk has sworn never to back down and will move on anyway. The adventures which befall them are there for you to read.

The third and last novella of this collection is The Mystery Knight. Dunk and Egg are now past the Stoney Stone and there is a long journey ahead. On their way, they meet a group of Stark men and the Greyjoys. This is another short story in which you are about to experience some mesmerizing adventures.

The novella shows that Westeros was never a happy place. You might think that the region would have been a happy place at some point in time. Even a thousand years before Robert’s rebellion, the region was cloaked by despair and fighting. Turmoil has always been a part of Westeros for example when Aegon the Unworthy legitimized all his bastard sons. That started a huge fight for succession and caused a lot of chaos in the region.

Also, this books gives an insight into the presence of Dragon eggs. We know that there were three dragon eggs that came to Danny. However, in this novella, we get a hint about the presence of dragon eggs in Winterfell. There are also hints that some dragon eggs may even be present at Dragonstone. This book also sheds light on the character of Walder Frey. Even as a kid, he was a pain for the regions.

His presence in the Twins was despised by the guards and everyone else. You might think that he was once a decent person and some turning event in his life made him so. This is not really true as he was a despicable child who grew up to be an even more despicable adult.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Review:

One cannot deny the brilliance of George R. R. Martin once a person is done with reading his books. In these short stories, he has told the adventures of some of the other characters which are now mentioned in the main books. This gives you a whole new perspective of the world of Ice and Fire. Some of the top characters from the history are the main characters in the story so you will be experiencing a whole new side.

The events in this novella are from a long time before the events taking place in A Game of Thrones. These events take place almost a century ago. The adventures in this book have never been recounted before and they have the most exciting and intriguing details about the Targaryens and other Houses in Westeros.

It portrays the time when Targaryens were still ruling the entire Westeros and the Targaryen king was sitting on the Iron Throne. Readers are most excited about the mentions of dragons as they hold a huge importance in the region. The events in this book are from the time when the thoughts of dragons were still very fresh in the inhabitants of Westeros.

The book has been illustrated by Gary Gianni. He is known for all his work in the Prince Valiant. He is the same illustrator who made the calendar in Ice and Fire from 2014. His illustrations make the book even more exciting. With the original book, we enter the story when the Targaryens are gone and the dragons are nothing more than a memory. The Tales of Dunk and Egg is pretty fascinating because it is from the time when dragons were all around and there were way too many Targaryens in the kingdom.

Incest was prevalent in that time and Targaryen features were very pronounced. In this novella, Kind Daerion is ruling and he has four sons. Three of his sons further have sons. This means there are way too many heirs for the throne. This shows how Targaryens did not need any enemies from the outside. They had too many competitors at home. Also, there are bastards that are plotting just like the real sons. There are not many threats from the outer world but the in-home rivalry is too high.

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