The Ice Dragon Pdf Free Download: Review and Plot Summary

Before he came out with this legendary high-fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, the author George R. R. Martin had much in his portfolio. He also wrote some Novella for children and one of the famous among them is The Ice Dragon. You will be able to the download a free The Ice Dragon Pdf from our website.

The Ice Dragon originally got published in 1980 and received much appreciation from the reading circles. It was a fantasy story for children which gained much popularity among the kids. It got renewed later in 2007 and has been the part of many literature projects.

The Ice Dragon Review:

According to many critics, this is another of George R. R. Martin’s finest works. Some people, when they read the title of the book, get confused whether the book is the part of the same series as the song of ice and fire. Well, George made it quite clear that this book has nothing to do with the world of ice and fire and is a completely separate novella. After this, many of the ice dragon theories died and reached their end.

So the book received much better appreciation than the author’s other projects at that time. It scored a nice rating of 3.8 on the Good Reads and scored 4 on the Common Sense Media. For children, this book is truly a gift from the author.

The Ice Dragon Summary:

In this book, the author tells the story of a beautiful and sweet young girl who, after the tragedy of losing her mother, become friends with a rather mysterious creature, an Ice Dragon. This friendship leads to some of the most interesting adventures which are really going to amuse your hearts as a kid.

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