Download A Game of Thrones Pdf/EPUB: Review and Plot Summary

A Game of Thrones Pdf: Review and Plot Summary.

If not the best, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin is definitely one the best fantasies ever written. Being a fan of this book series, you must know that A Game of Thrones is the first book in it. If you haven’t started reading the books yet and have watched the show based on the book only, download the free A Game of Thrones Pdf right now from our website.

A Game of Thrones Pdf

In this article, we will also be providing you with the A Game of Thrones EPUB and A Game of Thrones e-book. This will enable you to read the book in a soft format on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device. Without any further due, let us now take you to the summary and review of this masterpiece fantasy book.

About the Author.

George R. R. Martin is an American author and novelist known for his epic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. Martin has released five books till now and there are more books coming ahead. The predicted title for the book six is The Winds of Winters.

HBO adapted the book series and made a show which uses the title of the book A Game of Thrones. We will soon release The Winds of Winter Pdf when it is out. The show, however, has crossed the story of the books.

A Game of Thrones Summary.

Even though a summary is meant to reveal everything, we will tell you this one more like a plot so that your fun doesn’t get spoiled. The book starts with a Night’s Watch group ranging beyond the wall. There, they get trapped by the Wight Walkers and only one man of the watch survives the attack. Since the concept of Wight has been forgotten a long ago, Ned Stark beheads this guy for desertion.

King Robert arrives at Winter Fell later in the story and since his Hand got murdered recently, he asks his old friend to serve instead. Hesitant to accept the offer but being forced into friendship, Ned travels to King’s Landing with the King. King Robert later dies to leave the Iron Throne empty. On the other hand, at Winterfell, there is a murder attempt on Bran Stark. He is saved by his dire wolf. Catelyn looks after her son for some time and then leaves Kings Landing to tell her husband about this news.

Bran wakes up after some time but he has no memory of his fall and he does not know what caused the fall from the high tower. When Catelyn comes to Kings Landing, she meets her childhood friend Petyr Baelish. According to him, Tyrion Lannister is the owner of the dagger which was used in the assassination attempt on Bran. Tyrion is the younger dwarf brother of Jamie and Cersei Lannister. Baelish agrees to help Ned in finding whether the Lannister’s are involved in the attack on his son because he has a crush of Catelyn.

On her way to King’s road, Catelyn meets Tyrion and she gets him arrested. Then, she takes his to the Vale where her sister is the ruler. Tyrion wants to have a trial by combat and according to the rules of Westeros, he gets this chance. He gains his freedom as a fighter named Bronn fights for him and wins. Tyrion then makes a force from the Vale because he wants to take revenge from Lady Lisa Arryn for her mistreatment of him. Also, his father, after hearing the news of his son’s abduction, sends a force under the authority of The Mountain to raid the Vale.

Ned Stark comes to know of the bastard children of King, however, he fails to prove that and get beheaded for the charge of treason. This starts the war of the five kings the story for which we will be telling you in the upcoming posts. After the beheading of Ned Stark, his son Robb takes charge of the Winterfell and the Northerners choose him as the King in the North. After this step by Robb Stark, Westeros is left with just six kingdoms. Rob now has an army and he starts to march to Kings Landing after hearing about his father’s death.

He wants to get help from Lord Tully who is his maternal grandfather because he wants to make his forces stronger. However, to reach their lands, he has to pass through the lands ruled by Lord Frey. In return for passage through the land, Rob agrees to marry the Frey daughter. As we later see, this decision ruins Rob as he and his mother are killed along with their army men in the Red Wedding. In Kings Landing, Tyrion starts a sincere relationship with a prostitute named Shae. At the same time, a war takes place in which Robert’s elder brother is fighting against the Lannister’s for rule over Westeros. Stannis claims that is the true heir to the throne now that his brother is dead. This war is won by the Lannister and Stannis’s army suffers a great loss.

At the Wall, Jon Snow, the bastard son of Ned Stark has joined the Watch. He does not approve of the imprisonment of wildlings by the Watch. He wished to be promoted to the Rangers but is given the task of being a steward to the elderly ranger. When he hears the news of his father’s death, he wants to go join Rob but his comrades tell him to stay loyal to the Watch. So, he stays there and befriends Sam Tarly who is a bit slow in fighting but is intelligent. From across the narrow sea, news of a Targaryen heir also reach Kings Landing.

A Game of Thrones Review.

For the sake of summary and not to spoil the fun for you, we shortened it as much as we could. However, there is much detail in these books that you will be lost in there. Whether it is the storytelling, the powerful and amazing characters, the politics of the world of Ice and Fire, and the epic fantasy of Martin, this is one masterpiece to be sung forever.

As for the rating of A Game of Thrones, this book scored 4.4 on the Good Reads. Some of the critics have bashed the book due to the sexual themes and the use of strong language but on the other hand, some critics appreciated it for the realism.

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