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A Dance with Dragons is the fifth book in George R. R. Martin’s High-Fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire. The writer has planned a total of seven novels in the series and this one is the latest release. There two more books which are yet to hit the series. To download A Dance with Dragon Pdf, click the free download link given at the end.

A Dance with Dragons continues the plot after A Feast for Crows. The book originally got published in 2011 and this is the last one which got out. A Game of Thrones being the first book in series got adopted as the title of HBO’s television series of the same plot. The official page count for the book is 1040.

As the number of pages is growing with each book, so does the story, character development, fantasy, and all the thrill as well. In case you desire a different A Dance of Dragons e-book format, you can go for A Dance with Dragons EPUB download as well.

A Dance with Dragons Plot Summary.

The threat of the Wight Walkers and the Long Night is drawing nearer. Jon Snow, the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s watch has no option but to execute some sworn brothers due to their disobedience. Sam travels to Old Town to the Citadel in his quest to become a Maester with his wife Gilly and Maester Aemon alongside.

Stannis Baratheon, one of the contenders of the Iron Throne is still taking refuge on the wall. He is making plans to face Ramsey Bolton in the North, a fight which is really going to test his army. They have never been that north and the battle will be like the one they never had before. They are more like to lose this one.

Arya travels to Braavos in her quest to become the faceless Assassin. Though unlike A Storm of Swords, there are much better things happening while worst at the same time as well. Some of the characters which you last saw in A Clash of Kings are finally being seen.

Tyrion has reached across the narrow sea with Lord Varys to his aid. Though he gets caught later by Ser Jorah Mormont who was exiled by the Danaerys Targaryen for spying on her. There is a plenty of stuff going on and you need to catch up to get going.

Jon is now in power and he receives a letter from Ramsay Bolton in which he says that he has defeated Stannis’s arm. He says that he now has Winterfell and demands Jon to give him Stannis’s daughter or wife. Else, he would kill Jon. He also says that Jon should hand over Theon and Arya to him.

Jon has not seen the two in ages. He decides to march to Winterfell and kill Ramsay himself. For that, he asks for volunteers from his brothers in the Nights Watch. At this point, we see Melisandre’s prediction coming true. Bowen Marsh and some of Jon’s own men stab him.

In this book, we finally see Bran in action. He is on the search for the Three-Eyed Crow and for that, he goes beyond the Wall. He finds the Children of the Forest, who were the native inhabitants of Westeros. This non-human lot is the last surviving one from their kind. In the cave where he finds the Children, Bran meets the Three-Eyed Crow.

He is an old man who has been intertwined by a weirwood’s tree roots. The Three-Eyed Crow helps Bran use Greensight through which he sees his father in Gods wood. This is a vision from the past. He has another vision from the present in which he sees Theon Greyjoy and he talks to him.

Ramsay Bolton is ruling in the North now and he has taken Theon as a prisoner. Theon is now renamed Reel and Theon treats him like a dog. Theon is terrified of him and is not able to do anything against his will. Roose Bolten brings Arya Stark to Theon but Theon knows she is actually Jeyene Poole, Sansa’s friend.

Theon marries Jeyene and forces Theon to give away the bride as a Greyjoy so that the north believes that this actually is Arya. Later, Theon abuses Jeyene physically and sexually many times.

A Dance with Dragons Review.

Despite the lesser performance of the last book in the series comparatively, A Dance with Dragons revived everything. There were a lot of connections which were in synchronization and they finally paid off. That is why the ratings of this book got higher and scored up to 4.3 on the Good Reads.

Whether it is the rhythm of the story which got revived or the important characters striking back, this 1040 pages long story is exactly what you expect from George R. R. Martin. A Dance with Dragons is the last released book in the series. The readers are now waiting for the two upcoming books which are the Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.

After this book, the story of the television series from HBO took off with their own story. Now some things in the show would be from what they inspired by the writer of the book series. The story in the season 6 and season 7 was from the show writers and of course, it would be different in the books.

This book takes very exciting turns as more characters are explored in detail. We finally see the powers that Bran has acquired and he might have to play a huge role in the future. Readers are speculating that Jon might be a Targaryen and Bran’s visions might reveal this to us. Theon, who is being treated like a helpless dog, will also have a role to play when he finally gets the courage to defy the Bolton.

The book also ensures us that Tyrion and Arya are not dying any time soon. The author has kept them alive for a long time now because he has something planned for them. From an infamous murderer to a respected advisor, Tyrion has a come a long way. On the other hand, a Stark reunion is due.

Once the Starks are together, the north will rise again and it will take revenge for Ned Stark. This book is an interesting read especially if you have had some unanswered question from the previous volumes. The involvement of different Houses makes the book even more interesting and complicated.

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