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13 reasons Why PDF: Summary and Review

13 reasons why is a tragic novel written by Jay Asher in early 2007, revolving around a young high school girl who faced bullying and harassment, which then become the reason for her suicide. At the end of this article, you will be able to Download 13 reasons Why Pdf free from our site.

13 Reasons Why Summary:

The novel begins with the instigation of a young boy, Clay Jensen receiving a package of seven cassettes from his deceased classmate, Hannah Baker. He’s the ninth person who received these tapes. The tapes were recorded by Hannah, She mentioned the 13 persons who became the reason that she decided to finish her life.

1st reason was Justin Foley, a classmate of Hannah. Flattered in a moment they kissed each other, but after then Justin vanished the good image of Hannah in class.

2nd reason was Alex Standall, another classmate, who made the list of ‘hot or not’, by mentioning Hannah in the Hotlist and his ex-girlfriend Jessica in ‘not’ list.

3rd reason was Jessica, who slapped Hannah as she was jealous of watching her on ‘hot’ list.

the 4th reason was Tyler Down, a classmate photographer who kept spying on Hannah.

the 5th reason was Hannah’s friend Courtney Crimson who lied in front of their classmates that she found inappropriate toys in Hannah’s room.

the 6th reason was Marcus Cooley who harassed Hannah on a dinner date.

the 7th reason was Zach Dempsey who tried to take advantage of Hannah when Marcus ditched her.

the 8th reason was Ryan Shaver who stolen poetry of Hannah and published it in school’s magazine, anonymously.

the 9th reason was Clay himself, although Hannah wanted to know Clay more, on a party right after they kissed, Clay left Hannah as she was misbehaving, Hannah’s friend was being raped. Hannah thought that this couldn’t happen if Clay was present there.

the 10th reason was Justin who left Jessica and Bryce Walker raped her.

the 11th reason was Jenny Kurtz who murdered one of Hannah’s classmate in a road accident.

the 12th reason was Bryc Walker who raped Hannah.

the 13th reason was school counselor Mr. Porter who didn’t consider Hannah’s miserable condition.

13 Reasons Why Review:

Suicide is a complex issue, no matter what someone is suffering from, quitting isn’t an option. Hannah didn’t try to face the odds bravely. Moreover, parents should have to bring their children in a way that they can face the bullying and harassment.

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