Download A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Pdf/EPUB: Review and Plot Summary

Besides the original series of A Song of Ice and Fire, the author George R. R. Martin has written a collection of Novella as well. One of the Novella series which is written by the author is the Dunk and Egg. Recently, the publishers released a collection of the first three Novella from this series which is named A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. You can download the free A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Pdf at the end of this article.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Now just the Pdf format, but we will also be providing you other e-book formats for the book. Before we do that, let us tell you the plot summary and review these books.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Plot:

The first Novella, The Hedge Knight, is the story of a young squire named Dunk who has just buried his master who was a knight. The knight was named Ser Arlan of Pennytree. He takes his master’s sword, armor, and the three horses and travels to an Inn. After eating and drinking at the Inn, he is pursued by a young boy. Impressed by this young boy, Dunk takes him as his squire and the story is continued.

In the second Novella, The Sworn Sword, the recorded events are about one and a half year after the story of The Hedge Knight. Dunk and his squire are traveling to an unknown destination where a storm befalls them. Dunk has sworn never to back down and will move on anyway. The adventures which befall them are there for you to read.

The third and last novella of this collection is The Mystery Knight. Dunk and Egg are now past the Stoney Stone and there is a long journey ahead. On their way, they meet a group of Stark men and the Greyjoys. This is another short story in which you are about to experience some mesmerizing adventures.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Review:

One cannot deny the brilliance of George R. R. Martin once a person is done with reading his books. In these short stories, he has told the adventures of some of the other characters which are now mentioned in the main books. This gives you a whole new perspective of the world of Ice and Fire. Some of the top characters from the history are the main characters in the story so you will be experiencing a whole new side.

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